Environmentally-Friendly Drain Maintenance

In today’s world people are trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible in many, if not all, of their daily activities. Whether you own your own home or you rent, if you have indoor plumbing you have certainly had a drain issue in your life time. There are a lot of products available to address drain problems, however the vast majority are the quick fix type. The most common products are literally acids that burn through the stoppage and provide no permanent solution. They are also dangerous and can destroy your plumbing pipes and fixtures – not to mention that they can maim or even kill if they are not properly handled. The best method of drain maintenance is actually ongoing preventative maintenance. Using products such as “Bio Clean” or “Total C”, you are treating the drain with a natural enzyme that will start working immediately and continue to work by slowly digesting the organic build up in the drains. This method of using enzymes is not the quick fix. It is however the best fix because through continued use, it will open the drain and keep it open. It will also open the drain to nearly the full pipe diameter as opposed to just burning through just a small hole. For the environmentally conscious it is also the right choice because it is natural and harmless. In our early days of providing “Bio Clean” our plumbers would even taste it right in front of our customer to show them how safe it is. We don’t do that so much any more because it really doesn’t taste that great and honestly people nowadays don’t need to be convinced. Our most popular enzyme product is our “Total C”. The reason is its ease of application. The “Bio Clean” comes in a powder so there is a process of mixing with room temperature water prior to application. With the “Total C” you can mix it prior to application but if you don’t want to mix it, it is as equally effective by just adding it to the fixture because it is in a liquid form. The other benefit is that it has a very pleasant citrus odor so not only are you treating with the enzyme, you are also controlling drain odors.

About jbaethke

For over 20 years, I've been working with water. As a licensed plumber in the State of Illinois, it has been my goal to keep the water running and also make sure its healthy for consumption. My job isn't only to make sure there aren't any leaks in the pipes, but its also to inform my customers and the general public about the health and safety of their water, the newest technologies in the industry, and also conservation issues as the demand of water increases with our growing population and growing consumption.
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One Response to Environmentally-Friendly Drain Maintenance

  1. Hey, John! I appreciate you sharing this article with us. My wife and I are environmentalists, so we like to make sure we’re using environment-friendly cleaning products. I’ll be sure to recommend the product—that you’ve mentioned—to be plumber. I’m sure he already uses something like it, so it shouldn’t be too much of a change. Great post; thanks for caring about the environment!

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