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Every pump can get clogged!

Often times plumbers out there believe that “one pump fits all”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When trying to decide on the sump or ejector pump that will make the most sense for you, you have to answer several questions? … Continue reading

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The importance of water heater maintenance for your safety

Most people think that you have a water heater installed and then you just forget about it. Although you could almost get away with that in the past, you will get yourself in trouble if you try that now. The … Continue reading

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Health Risks Associated with Home Renovations: How to Avoid Exposure by: Brian Turner

Health Risks Associated with Home Renovations: How to Avoid Exposure Renovating a home can be an exciting venture for any homeowner, but there may be hidden dangers lurking around the corner. Asbestos, lead, and mold are all serious issues that … Continue reading

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Strong start to Fix a leak week in Chicago

We are getting a strong start to National fix a leak week. The first building we are working on will involve 137 living units. We are going to repair all of the toilets to insure no leaks, install all new … Continue reading

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Fix a Leak Week

Next week is national Fix a Leak week. Be on the look out for ways you can save water and money with daily hints on how you can fix your own leaks and even avoid new ones.

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Water at dentist kills patient

It was reported in the news recently that a woman died after a waterborne illness that she received from her dentist (view article). The illness was from the Legionella virus. What most people don’t know is that Legionella is in … Continue reading

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Be Safe in Your Home

If you have read the news lately there is no shortage of scams out there. One scam to be particularly careful about is people claiming to be employees of the water department or the city. In this scam they will approach your house and … Continue reading

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